SEEN AT BERLIN place where Berlin’s fashion forwards, style rebels and influencers share and get inspired by real looks from real people. It is location based and empowers people to shape the fashion of today and tomorrow.

Consume Proactively

Vote: Using the app is never passive. Every single vote shapes how others see Berlin’s style.
Become a contributor: Currently our most active members contribute looks to SEEN AT Berlin but interested people can apply 

Share Carefully

Break the ice: Most people are flattered if you tell them “You have a great style, can I take your picture?”
Love your Kiez: We want the pictures to be real. And local. So take them in the environment where you meet the person.
Capture total looks: We want to see outfits, so don’t miss shoes and heads. It’s the human in the outfit that makes the shot though, so capture them standing and facing the camera.
Show some respect: Please ask people personally whether it is okay for their styles to be shown at SEEN AT BERLIN. Do not take NOs personally. Have a beer. Get over them.
Share your pride: Upload your picture to SEEN AT BERLIN. Add a location tag so everyone knows where you found your gem. Grow your audience by inviting friends to the platform and let them vote for your pictures.

Dont Forget

Stay Safe: We want SEEN AT BERLIN to be a safe place. Therefore, we do not support content harming others in any way. We reserve the right to take down imagery that causes or depicts violence or harm, or exploits those who have not given or cannot give their permission.
Fight for your (copy)right: Your photos are your property, and we want to protect that. That’s why we will only use your the photos in the context of SEEN AT BERLIN.